Trademarks are essential for any business as they provide exclusive rights to prevent others from using a similar mark in relation to the same or similar goods or services.

In UAE, you can protect your trademark by filing a national trademark application with the Ministry of Economy which is the competent Authority responsible for registering and protecting intellectual property in the UAE.

Alternatively, you can file an international application under the Madrid Agreement to secure trademark protection in multiple countries, including the UAE

Registration confers its holder:

Process of registration

Conducting a trademark search

Before submitting a trademark application, it’s important to conduct a trademark search on the registered and pending trademarks records to determine if your mark is available or not.

Filing application

Trademark Application can be filed under Individual Name and or Company Name.

Examination of the application

The registrar examines the application in accordance with the law, and issue an acceptance or rejection order.

In case of acceptance, the trademark is published in official gazette.

Opposition Period

The opposition period is for 30 days, from the publishing of trademark into the official gazette.

In case of no opposition within the legal time period, trademark application becomes matured for final registration and subject to pay the final registration fees.

Registration Certificate

Trademark registration certificate is valid for 10 years count from the date of filing the application.

International trademark registration under Madrid Protocol

The UAE acceded to the Madrid Protocol on 28th September 2021 to enable trademark owners in the country to protect their trademarks in more than 126 member countries.
The UAE can already be designated in a Madrid application from outside the UAE.
Trademark owners in the UAE can now protect their trademark in many countries with just one application, they can confidently expand their business globally with ease.
Our professional agents can assist you in registering your trademark under the Madrid Protocol and provide support in the event of opposition raised during the process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for reliable and efficient trademark registration services.

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